Height: 25cm
Weight: 0.3kg

The price is just for one doll with clothes. If you want to buy two of them, the price will be better, please email us first and we will change the price for you. E-mail:

silicone baby doll

silicone baby doll


Material – The silicone baby doll is made of 100% silicone.
Dimensions – These dolls are available in different dimensions (from 25cm to 60cm)and 55cm size is very popular.
Hair -The hair of our silicone baby doll is rooted smooth. These hair as smooth and you can wash them.
Nose – As far as the nose of silicone baby doll is concerned it looks very natural. The nostrils are open and they appear as if they are really breathing.
• Face – The face of these dolls is painted by an artist. The face appears pink blush.
Nails – The nails of toes and fingers of these silicone baby dolls are hand drawn. The nails have redness and are translucent in appearance.
Skin – The skin of these silicone baby dolls is perhaps the most important place where the designers have spent lot of time. The designers have tried their best to give elasticity in the appearance of the skin of the doll. The multi-layer manufacturing of this doll gives it a real look.
Color – The color of this doll is of very good quality which will not fade of rub off.
Eyes – The eyes of these dolls are made from acrylic and come in blue or brown color. These eyes cannot blink.

Benefits of silicone bay doll

• These beautiful mini silicone baby dolls can be given as children birthday gift, Christmas gift, mother’s gift and holiday gift.
• These dolls can also be kept as collection.
• The clothes of the mini silicone baby doll are usually same as shown in the picture of the doll. And the clothes are sent free. However when the clothes of this doll are out of stock you can expect one similar dress as a gift from the manufacturer.

silicone baby doll silicone baby doll



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